A few people have been in touch to ask me to add a ‘donate’ button to the site, usually because they couldn’t get hold of a copy of something I’d written, downloaded it illegally, and then felt bad and wanted to give me some cash.

I thought about setting up a PayPal account so people could do just that, but the truth is, there are organisations out there who need your money way more than I do right now. So if you’re feeling bad about helping yourself to some my work and you want to make things right, then please, please, please take a moment to give some money to one of the charities below. Send them a few pounds, dollars, euros, or whatever it is you’re working with, and I’ll consider us square.

(Also – The Shark Trust will let you ADOPT A WHITE SHARK for £20! Seriously. What are you waiting for?)

Save The Children ( https://secure.savethechildren.org.uk/donate/)

English PEN (https://www.englishpen.org/donate/)

The Shark Trust (http://www.sharktrust.org)