The Three Sisters of the Island

By Paul A.T. Wilson

Darkness reigned for a thousand years,
The land was drenched by people’s tears,
Sorrow reigned through days of night,
Pyres set alight and bright,
Hear the deathly cries of woe,
No summer now, just winter’s snow.

A cursed visitor had come to live,
No happiness did this creature give,
Its soul was black as pitch or tar,
A death he brought from lands afar,
He stole the day and all the light,
He turned the island to darkest night.

But in the darkness, there was sight,
A tiny glow, but shining bright,
Three sisters made from ancient source,
The twins plus one to set the course,
Life in their veins, it does run,
Their perfect gifts returned the sun.

The Western Yar, still flows strong,
The first sister heals through song,
The Eastern Yar, from spring to sea,
The second sister will always be,
And in the middle, from south to north,
Third sister’s bounty will pour forth.

Reflected in the sky at night,
Three stars together, shining bright,
Three sisters forever in the sky,
Radiant now and in days gone by,
Watching over our Island home,
From churning sea, to our sacred stone. 

© 2018 From the Cauldron Ltd