The Sacred Isle Anthology Series

Stories inspired by an revealed through mediation and contempation on the Sacred Isle of Wight

Old Jack of Steephill Cove

Old Jack was one of the last fishermen on Steephill Cove. One night, he woke up after falling alseep on his boat again and then his adventure began.

Our Lost Ancestors: How we forgot them

The ancestors of those that live on the Island built monuments that were supposed to stand forever. In stead we have desecrated them and their memories.

The Three Sisters of the Island

The There Sisters, water spirits sent to the Island by the mother Goddess to rid it of a great curse. Twins that represent the two Rivers Yar, and the third representing the Medina. Also represented by Orion's Belt.

The Girl, The House and Gumblebump

In a place somewhere on the Isle of Wight there is a house with a thatched roof and in that house lives a Brownie; follow him and his friendship with a young girl who lives there.

The First Dragon: Our Creation Story

The First Dragon tells the story of the first of their kind, the Mother Dragon and how she brought unity to our Sacred Isle

Ode to the Island Dragon

An ode to the Dragon of the Isle of Wight, The dragon, The Magic and our beautiful Isle of Wight

The Tale of Two Swans

The Story of Two Swans, an Isle of Wight Story. Two Swans, who's love is torn apart but maybe given a second chance with the help of the Gods and a great adventure

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